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Free Gold Heroic Runs Forevaaaaa
So, I have a fair amount of people interested in these runs, but I don't want to screw any buyers over. How many of you would be interested in doing these runs every week? Maybe Monday nights?

I have around 10 people interested atm, but I only want to take a group of 5 guildies to this first one since it's to help them gear for recruitment purposes, for their guild.

I want to be able to take one of each token to these runs or groups that don't mind sharing with one another. 

So, less gold per run, but more gold overall over the weeks. 

And, some of you guys can bring alts.

I'm down.

Helps the guilds image, since a lot of people don't like us for whatever reason.

And gold.
I know I am new to the guild and not a raid member, but I have seen people do sales on other servers, sure they charge a more but everyone gets all the gear for their spec. no token sharing. Not sure how many people have an excess of gold on this server.

But my thought would be to do this.

3 persons: 1 vanquisher, 1 Protection and 1 Conqueror each pay 250K each. Load up raid on Archi for mount sales.

Just my thoughts on it, i know being the FNG (fricking new guy), my opinion holds now wait. Just giving suggestions.
Your opinion has always held weight. :3 

My only issue is that a few people will be paying a bit less due to talking to me before we had a price set in stone.
Kay so, prices are as follows from now on, after the 11th.

250k- solo token/armour class
150k - Solo token
100k- nothing is promised
Moose buyers are added into you guys totals at the end of the night as well.

Feb 1st
Pally- 100k
Druid- 150k

Feb 15th
priest/mage combo -100k
I know it's been forever since I've played and I'm vastly undergeared, but I'll help with any runs I'm able while I try to gear myself up again, and then happily help forever after.
I like the new prices, more bang for the buck. I may bring one of my alts in. Also if anyone wants to help me learn fights as a tank, I would be more than thankful. It would also free up a spot for one of our Tanks to bring an Alt in.
Free? Sounds good to me.

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