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Affliction Warlock - Application
Name: Despâir (aka Carnage or Carn)
Age (Optional): 28
Battlenet ID: Carnage#12896
Class/Spec/Off-Spec? Warlock, Affliction Main 54 points/ Destro 52 points in wep / Demo 49 points in weapon. Mostly play affliction, but willing to switch around depending on the fight, willing to learn and listen to help improve my rotations and spec.
Advanced Armory Link:
Parse Link?:
I try my best to keep up and be raid aware as much as possible
Raid UI picture:
Past raiding history:
BC – 25 man up to Blacktemple at level
Wotlk – 25 man up to Ulduar, 10man normal Lich King at level
Cata- 10 man normal up to Deathwing at level
MOP – 10 man Heroic up to Garrosh (Ahead of the curve achievements for most raids)
WoD- 10-15 man Flex Heroic up to Archimonde (Ahead of the curve achievements for most raids)

Current content – 7/7 Heroic EN (Ahead of the Curve), 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor, 10/10 Heroic NH
Why Infusion?:
I would like to advance as a player and become better skill-wise and have a sense of accomplishment, work with a solid group of players that are raid aware and be able to learn from them and their best practices. My buddy Steir is in the guild as well, him and I used to raid in BC/Wotlk and some of Cata until he xfered to KM. Based on what Steir tells me, I can tell you guys are a great bunch and I believe we can mutually benefit each other.
Would you be willing to play another spec if certain fights during progression needed it?:
Yes absolutely, anything the guild needs, I am a team player – if the leaders think a certain spec helps the raid, I will do my best to play it to the best of my abilities, and if made aware in advance, I will take out time to practice that spec.
What makes you passionate about raiding?:
The teamwork involved, and the feeling of satisfaction of killing a boss you’ve been working on for such a long time. Raiding has been my life in WoW, I used to raid lead for a while, and enjoyed understanding the dynamics of each individual and the class that they play, I think the mutual benefit that comes from raiding is unparalleled.
Are there any obligations holding you back from raiding? We understand it's a game, so midterms life etc always comes first as long as it's not randomly every week.:
I currently work in IT and my schedule is pretty much the same through the week, but sometimes I may have to work mandatory overtime, I try to make all raids, and if I cannot make it I usually let the leaders know in advance and/or just reflect it on my sign-ups.
Any friends in infusion?: As I mentioned above, Steir J
Favorite Movie: Too many to pick from, but since you asked One of my favorites is John Wick.
Favorite joke:: “I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.” Louis C.K

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