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Death Knight/Mage/Priest/boy toy for greg
Name: Marc

Age (Optional):29

Battlenet ID:pv1362

Anything for Greg - blood dk (is this still viable?) Arcane mage (lol POM) Disc Priest

Advanced Armory Link: There's an advanced Armory now?

Parse Link?:
Raid UI picture:
Once I find Stabby's old UI on an old HD I'll post it.

Past raiding history:
Everything from BT up to Ice Crown

Why Infusion?:
I miss Greg and Manda and Tim

Would you be willing to play another spec if certain fights during progression needed it?:
Yes, I'll play whatever you need badly. 

What makes you passionate about raiding?:
Greg getting angry 

Are there any obligations holding you back from raiding? We understand it's a game, so midterms life etc always comes first as long as it's not randomly every week.:
All kinds of stuff.

Any friends in infusion?:
Just Manda, Greg's a dick.

Favorite Movie: Lone Survivor

Favorite joke: "They taste like fingers..." 

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