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Name: Lems

Age: 26 in a few days ;o

Battlenet ID: SailorPluto#1525

Class/Spec/Off-Spec? : Holy Paladin, maybe a Resto Shaman soon.

Advanced Armory Link:

Parse Link?: I had a name change, so I'll give you two links.

Raid UI picture: here's a fun 1..
[Image: GCYPT]

Past raiding history: honestly, I've never really mythic raided but I'm applying because I think I'm decent at the game and even though you have Decix, I just want to believe in myself a bit to think I'd have a chance.

Why Infusion?: you're the best on the server, it's something to aspire to.

Would you be willing to play another spec if certain fights during progression needed it? :
sure thing! I'm not the BEST with retribution, but also not the worst. I certainly wouldn't apply with that spec.

What makes you passionate about raiding? :
it feels so good to drain all your mana and have a good time with people, it's serious but there's some fun and you're all working towards the same thing. even through a shit ton of wipes, it's just fun to keep pushing because you're all hungry for it??

Are there any obligations holding you back from raiding? :
no lol

Any friends in Infusion? :
also no

Favorite movie:
Gone Girl

Favorite joke:
Nathan for You, S1 E4

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