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Protection Warrior
Name: Francis

Age (Optional): 17

Battlenet ID: Jaroolz#1138

Class/Spec/Off-Spec: Protection Warrior (Can Arms/Fury; I also have an Affliction lock and a Demon Hunter for Havoc/Vengeance)

Advanced Armory Link:

Parse Link?: I'm new to active raiding, so I don't really know what a parse is. I take this to just mean logs? I don't really think I have any, especially since I tank rather than DPS.

Raid UI picture:

Past raiding history: I've done casual LFR-Normal-Occasional Heroic pugs since Pandaria (Not so much in Legion), but I want to actually try and progress this expansion because I've been having a ton of fun with the Mythic dungeons.

Why Infusion?: You guys seem to be one of the better guilds on the server with an active player-base looking to progress and you look to be casual-friendly.

Would you be willing to play another spec if certain fights during progression needed it?: Of course, I can do Arms/Fury decently, and I have other DPS toons.

What makes you passionate about raiding?: This expansion's dungeons have been overwhelmingly fun compared to previous expansions, and I hope Uldir will be the same. I've done casual pugs in the past, especially during Pandaria and WoD, but I want to actually experience the progression as a community rather than waiting for people to outgear the raids and carry me through LFR/Normal.

Are there any obligations holding you back from raiding? We understand it's a game, so midterms life etc always comes first as long as it's not randomly every week: School starts for me the day Uldir comes out, but as long as you don't want to raid at 8 in the morning, I should always be available. I don't have any extracurriculars that last past 4pm.

Any friends in infusion?: No, all of my friends are Horde scum.

Favorite Movie: Baby Driver, The Man from Earth, and Batman v. Superman (I know, crucify me)

Favorite joke: A TURTLE MADE IT TO THE WATER (is this meme dead yet?)

I'm currently in a small, very inactive guild, and that's reflected on my Armory page. I'll leave if I'm accepted but I don't want to leave yet as I have a couple friends in that guild.
Application denied, Im sorry. I would rather prefer paladin tank, or maybe feral/dk, since atm we have 2 active protection warrior and getting third would be unwise from raid setup/buffs point of view, even if we need a new tank.

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