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Tuskx - Fury/Arms Warrior

Age (Optional):



Warrior: Arms/Fury

Advanced Armory Link:

Parse Link?:

Raid UI picture:
Sending this from my work laptop, so I don’t have access to the client atm, but I run the stock UI with just DBM and MoveAnything.

Past raiding history:

TBC:  Cleared up to 3/6 SWP during content
WotLK:  Cleared all content including US 48th HLK 25, US 28th H Ruby Sanctum 25, A Tribute to Immortality, & Realm First! Grand Crusader
Cata: Did not Raid

MoP: Filled in for a friend’s guild in need at points, clearing 6/6 H MSV (Cutting Egde: WotE), 4/6 H HoF, 4/4 ToES, & 11/13 H ToT (had to step away after H Animus kill)
WoD: HFC is the only tier I’ve focused on progression for during this xpac, clearing 13/13H and 2/13M.

Why Infusion?:

I’m looking for a guild that’s going to keep a core roster together in the long-term, while having an enjoyable time raiding, and progressing at a reasonable pace during the limited time we have to raid as adults.
Oh, and Maidrim’s Aaron Hernandez comment sold me.

Would you be willing to play another spec if certain fights during progression needed it?:

Absolutely, I swap between Arms and Fury based on the fight, and have Prot experience, just not a full set of gear.  Seeing as most of my gear is mastery heavy, picking up a few Bonus Armor off pieces, trinkets, and a shield wouldn’t be the most difficult thing in the world if we’re in need of an off-tank.

What makes you passionate about raiding?:

Competition and the team I raid with.  I constantly strive to compete on the global level when I raid in terms of personal ability and execution, and to be the most valuable asset that I can be for the group.  On top of that, I want to finish this goddamn story.  I recently had a career change that allowed me to move away from the scheduling issues that were preventing me from raiding for the most part during Cata and MoP, so I’m excited to find a group that can ideally clear through the remaining content WoW will have to offer at a steady pace.

Are there any obligations holding you back from raiding? We understand it's a game, so midterms life etc always comes first as long as it's not randomly every week.:

I have finals coming up, but with the “workload” that I had for midterms, it’s not much of a concern when it comes to scheduling for raids at the moment.  My grandmother is on hospice and isn’t doing fantastic right now, so that would be the only short-term issue I could see arising, but it wouldn’t be recurring.

Any friends in infusion?:
None unfortunately, I’m just some random guy that read the guild recruitment forums.

Favorite Movie:

The Room.

Favorite joke:

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. If you do happen to check back here please leave your Battlenet ID so we can get in contact with you. The officers and I would like to talk with you a bit.
Sounds good, BTag is Tusk#1376. I'm leaving work now, should be back in about an hr.

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